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Take a new kind of journey into the world of the paranormal with these father-son cosmic pioneers! Paul & Ben are available for English-speaking events anywhere by arrangement.


As seen on the Discovery, Travel and History Channels,
and in the Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, South China Daily News, Tampa Tribune, Rhode Island Monthly and many other publications around the world. As heard on "Coast to Coast AM" with Art Bell and George Noory, Hollywood's "AM Show" and PAX TV with Mike Horn, "Dr. Carole's Couch" with Dr. Carole Lieberman, "Mancow's Morning Madhouse" and other national talk shows. Interactive programs for your group, conference or fundraising event.... and a guest your listeners/viewers will never forget!

Suggested programs include:

1. POLTERGEISTS - Take a chilling journey into Paul Eno's two worst poltergeist cases, including the Bridgeport, Connecticut, outbreak of 1974, covered by the media all over the world and on which he worked with Ed & Lorraine Warren. The case is the subject of the new book "The World's Most Haunted House: The True Story of the Bridgeport Poltergeist on Lindley Street" by William J. Hall. Paul is one of the few surviving major eyewitnesses.


 Paul's strange journey over 45 years, from his seminary studies and work with church exorcists to eminent paranormal authority today. Covers his most famous and amazing ghost and poltergeist cases, including the “Village of Voices,” the world-famous “Bridgeport Poltergeist,” the “Living Ghost of York, Maine,” the Connecticut ongoing paranormal flap that started with ghosts and led to UFOs, the military and a secret base, and much more. Show how Paul and his son Ben arrived at their mind-expanding, utterly unique theories of the paranormal and their unusual methods, and how they apply them to cases in North America and Europe.

 Can be localized i.e "Behind the Paranormal in the Ohio Valley..." etc.


STRANGE CONNECTIONS: UFOs, CRYPTIDS and GHOSTS: Join father-son paranormal researchers, authors and broadcasters Paul & Ben Eno, with their combined 57 years of experience in the field, for a plunge into the paranormal such as you’ve never known it before. Over 40 years ago, Paul, today an award-winning journalist, was wondering why he kept running into UFO reports and sometimes even cryptids while investigating what were supposed to be just “haunted houses.” Once he looked deeper, he began to find some connections that led to profound questions not only about the paranormal but about the nature of reality and our place in it. Hear about the father-son team’s latest adventures with ghosts, poltergeists, UFOs, Bigfoot and things you’ve never heard of before, along with possible secret research bases, in  paranormal “flap areas” like Litchfield County, Connecticut; western Pennsylvania; and a brand new case in East Texas. You’ll never forget this unique presentation!

4. THE BEST OF BEHIND THE PARANORMAL WITH PAUL & BEN ENO: The world-famous father-son paranormal team takes the audience through their own amazing cases but also their interviews and insights with the parade of distinguished international guests who regularly appear on their radio talk show. Covers not only ghosts but UFOs, strange creatures and other paranormal mysteries. Lots of surprises!

5. THE PARANORMAL IN HUMAN HISTORY: Travel with Paul & Ben from the "Dream Time" of the remote past, through pre-history and ancient civilizations, right up to American history to see the shocking influence of the paranormal on religion, science and everything we are and believe...with a look at where it might all be going.

Custom choices available. Programs can be designed to run from one to two hours to all day.


See currently scheduled events