The Village of Voices

Pomfret, Connecticut, 1971-1971
In his first field case, Paul and several of his seminary classmate join a photo expert in a hair-raising investigation of an abandoned 18th-century town. Recounted in full in "Behind the Paranormal: Everything You Know is Wrong" (2016) and  "Faces at the Window" (1998).

Since at least the time of the American Revolution, the
Welsh-emigre settlement known as "Bara Hack" has been
the site of paranormal goings on. Abandoned and
overgrown since the last century, Bara-Hack became known
locally as the "Village of Voices" because one could clearly
hear the sounds of another era at various times of the day
or night. In this photo, Paul Eno's 1971 investigation captured
what appears to be the figure of a reclining infant on a
tree limb. Years later, Paul was amazed to find an early
19th century reference to just such an apparition at this site.