Connecticut's 'Skinwalker Ranch'

Litchfield Hills, Connecticut, 2005-Ongoing
Paul & Ben encountered a "paranormal circus" when a homeowner contacted them after reading Paul's 2002 book "Footsteps in the Attic," the only book with theories that explained what was happening, she said. The case now embraces much of the area and involves not only ghost phenomena but UFOs and a possible secret research base. It is the subject of a 2015 book, "The Haunted House Diaries" by William J. Hall.

One of the most exciting cases Paul and Ben Eno have investigated, this series of incidents at a Connecticut farmhouse and the surrounding area is reminiscent of the famous "Skinwalker Ranch" case in Utah, right down to figures apparently emerging through "holes" in space-time. According to Paul, the site appears to be one of  three "points" in a geographic triangle at the center of a significant paranormal "flap" in Litchfield County.

"The place seems to be a genuine crossroads of the multiverse,"Paul says. "The resident family, which has lived in the house for generations, regularly seems to rub elbows not only with its own ancestors but with strangers of human and non-human species, all evidently sharing the same physical space but within their own parallel worlds."

The UFO component became evident in 2009, as did a military presence in the area that caused considerable local speculation. To the present day, frequent UFOs and military air traffic are seen in this out-of-the-way rural area.

 Making a pilot with a New York director in 2009 for a proposed television show, the Enos investigated the area and found evidence of secret research on, in their opinion, multiversal "portals" as energy sources. Whether the government or some private organization is behind this remains undetermined.

Watch for more information as this case develops, both on this page and on the Enos' radio show.

In the video below, some kind of life form seems to be coming down out of the tree. Paul and Ben captured this with an infrared video camera while on-site to do preliminary filming for their proposed network television show. Interestingly, the little boy in the family said (before the video was taken) that his invisible friend "Ashwar" was in this tree at the time. The video is quick, but the entity was not seen with the naked eye.

Below, in what Paul and Ben interpret as a dramatic example of
a conjunction of parallel worlds being caught by the camera
inside the house, different rooms seem to occupy the
same space. Note that the wooden bureau seems to "end"
at one point, and the kitchen appliance can be seen right
through it.

In an upstairs bedroom, what appears to be a transparent arm and hand reach around the side of the bed.

The surrounding "triangle" region seems just as active as the house. It's unusual to take outdoor photos at the site, at least at night, without "orbs" appearing in them. Paul believes that most orbs are not classic ghosts, but life forms that feed around the boundaries of parallel worlds.

In this night photo, blue beams of light seem to reach to the ground, something not uncommon in UFO cases, especially abductions. The second photo is the first one slightly lightened, revealing more beams and orbs.

A dark orb appears at the side of the farmhouse. It later turned out to be a dirty spot on the lens. In several rooms on this side of the house, Paul and Ben both felt dizziness, heaviness and other signs Paul interprets as symptoms of proximity to the electromagnetically charged "boundaries" or "membranes" of parallel worlds. Note in the window at bottom right (and inset) what appears to be the figure of a woman and, by her right arm, perhaps a child or dog. Paul suspected that curtains in the window were the cause, but photo analysis has initially indicated that heavy drapes would have had to be present, and they were not. apparently, the window was clear (no drapes and the window was raised, leaving only the screen) when the photo was taken, and no such people were in the house.