Rendlesham Forest

Suffolk, England, 2012-Ongoing
Since Saxon times, odd events have been reported in and around this wilderness area of a little less than 6 square miles. It is an area of pine and deciduous woodlands, heath and wetlands.

Rendlesham Forest is best known for the jarring UFO incidents of December 1980. These were witnessed by U.S. Air Force personnel, including high-ranking officers, from the twin NATO air bases that straddled the forest at that time. The incidents reportedly involved sightings and landings by, and encounters with, strange lights and craft of unknown origin.

These occurrences have earned the area the title of "Britain's Roswell."

On their radio show, Behind the Paranormal, Paul and Ben have spent more time interviewing eyewitnesses and experts on this case than has any other show on radio or television. (Listen to the "Return to Rendlesham" series podcasts here.)

Applying their own theories of the "multiverse" to the case, The Enos became convinced that the area is a "thin place" where multiple worlds overlap, and have done for centuries. During their own on-site research in 2012, and in subsequent contacts with local residents, Paul & Ben have discovered a tapestry of other reports both predating and postdating the 1980 affair.

These include numerous cryptid encounters and even Bigfoot (known in the U.K. as Yeti) sightings, frequent UFO, orb and light events, psychic attacks and numerous presences and strange photographic effects. Several local people have reported spontaneous trances and "binary code downloads" while in the area.

A binary code download reported by Air Force Sgt. Jim Penniston was one of the most striking features of the 1980 incidents. 

In the company of several local Behind the Paranormal  listeners, 1980 UFO eyewitness Larry Warren and author Brenda Butler, Paul & Ben visited Rendlesham Forest for the first time on the night of September 21, 2012. Ben didn't make it to the treeline before he collapsed in a shamanic contact with local entities. He was so shaken that he did not return with Paul and the rest of the group the next day.

At their lecture in the nearby village of Woodbridge the next evening, many local people came forward with their own stories of paranormal events in Rendlesham Forest.    

After Ben recovered, he, Paul and the group proceeded into the forest with a distinct feeling of being followed. Paul shot this photo, full of the typical points of red and white light often caught in photos there and that are reminiscent of the 1980 UFO affair.

Orbs are also typical. Paul & Ben suspect that paranormal orbs (as opposed to dust particles on camera lenses) are life forms that feed around the electromagnetic boundaries of parallel worlds, since that is where they seem to be found in great numbers.

This is the famous "East Gate" of the former RAF Woodbridge base where the 1980 sightings began. From left are former U.S. Air Force security policeman Larry Warren, eyewitness to the 1980 UFO incidents; local author Brenda Butler, first civilian investigator of the 1980 case; local resident Beverly Plumbridge, and Paul & Ben Eno.