The Haunted Policeman

Northern Vermont, 2005-Ongoing
A paranormal parasite seems to be the cause as Paul & Ben head to northern Vermont to help a local police officer and his family who are encountering a dark figure and negative energy.
Recounted in "Turning Home: God, Ghosts and Human Destiny."

In the summer of 2005, Paul & Ben headed for northern Vermont at the request of a rural family. As soon as they parked and left their vehicle, they were both drawn to a spot in the backyard where there seemed to be a source of energy.

Further work convinced them that a deadly encounter between two men dressed in red was taking place at that spot elsewhere in the mutiverse, probably in an alternate past. They believe that a parasite is feeding on that event, then reaching into the two nearest homes in our world for additional nourishment.

The young police officer, living in the basement apartment of the house, told Paul and Ben that, indeed, when he and his fiance would argue, or other negative events would take place there, the presence would get stronger and a dark figure would be seen moving about. Conversely, his parents lived up stairs, maintained a very positive atmosphere, and had little trouble with the parasite.

The police officer has since married and moved, and the new tenant is reportedly having encounters, though far less serious ones. The case is ongoing.

Interestingly, the creature seemed  to be very curious about Paul & Ben at first. But when they made it clear that it would get no nourishment from them, it lost interest.

Below, Ben captured this photo during his and his dad's first visit to the basement apartment. The man in the picture is the police officer's father. The hooded figure behind him is so "thick" that its shoulder partially blocks the view of the shelves at the back of the room. This is the same figure the police officer reported seeing on multiple occasions.

The outline in the inset was drawn by "our killjoy photo expert, who usually blows these photos out of the water, but was, for once, impressed," Paul says.