The Haunted Campground

Maine, 2006-Ongoing
Contacted by a producer who had odd experiences while filming at a hunting resort in backwoods Maine, Paul & Ben head to the Pine Tree State after they hear that the resort managers have moved to another Maine resort, only to have the "thing" follow them.

Interviewing the husband-wife resort managers at the new seaside location, Paul & Ben hear reports of poltergeist activity and a "haunted doll" in a cabin at the original site, along with a video that purported to show the doll moving while no-one was in the cabin.

Meanwhile, the Enos follow up reports of paranormal activity at the new location. On their first visit, they find evidence of a parasite that they feel might have been following the family of the wife for many years. At the same time, Paul feels that there is a group of children in a very positive parallel world occupying some of the same space.

Infrared photography in the basement picks up large numbers of "orbs" and incessant sounds of housework when no-one is there. The case is ongoing.

Below is a photo taken in the basement of the managers' house at the Maine campground. Ben is setting up a video camera, with one of the family members in the background. However, in the background at right is a figure that wasn't there when Paul took the picture.