A Poltergeist that Threatened a Whole Neighborhood

Bristol, Connecticut, 1971-1971
A little more than half a year after the infamous Bridgeport poltergeist case, Paul runs into another paranormal critter that makes him wonder about the traditional theories.
Recounted in full in "Faces at the Window."

Notice the spectral face (inside the box) that appeared in the boarded-up window of this shack during the Bristol, Conn., poltergeist haunting of 1975. Paul says that the window was boarded up and had no glass. The entity affected at least four nearby homes. Workers tearing down this shack refused to continue when the foreman felt cold hands around his neck. Paul notes that this was the case in which he first began to suspect that paranormal phenomena, particularly "parasites," can affect not just a single home, but a large part of the surrounding area.