The Bridgewater Triangle

Massachusetts, 2010-Ongoing
A region of paranormal activity well known long before the arrival of Europeans, Paul & Ben consider the roughly 200-square-mile Bridgewater Triangle to be a "thin place," much like England's Rendlesham  Forest or "Connecticut's Skinwalker Ranch."  They define a thin place, a Native American term, as one in which conditions are right for the simultaneous overlap of multiple parallel worlds in the same space, resulting in many kinds of seemingly unrelated paranormal phenomena...a "flap."

The triangle is long known for UFO and cryptid activity, including Bigfoot and thunderbird sightings, ghost and poltergeist activity, and time/space anomalies. Even the police have had recorded encounters, including one with a Bigfoot.

The Triangle is roughly bounded by the towns of Rehoboth, Freetown  and Abington, Massachusetts, and includes the Hockomock Swamp Wildlife Management Area. Pioneering researchers of the area in modern times have included world-famous cryptozoologist Loren Coleman.

Paul & Ben live less than 20 miles from the Triangle. They began looking into the area in 2010 because of its proximity to their home and as a sort of practice case for Ben.

They have had some interesting encounters.

On July 30, 2010, Paul & Ben were exploring the area at the northern end of Watuppa Pond, actually a large lake partially within the Freetown State Forest, a notorious area within the Triangle. They felt strongly that they were being watched. When their photos were examined, very small human figures seemed to appear in two. In one, there is what appears to be a fully-clothed, full-front figure. In the other there seems to be a small face with a brown hood over the head.

Paul warns that photos taken in forests can be problematic when it comes to isolating possible paranormal content. That's especially true given the play of light on leaves and how digital cameras interpret it. What drew them to these images, however, were the flesh tones. Paul points out that, except for certain fungi, flesh tones are uncommon in temperate woodland environments.

Judge for yourself.

Ben has apparently had keen multiversal abilities since infancy, and one of these has been an ability to communicate with trees. Here he connects with one of four large oak trees he had told Paul they would encounter that day. He says he learned that the whole area was "sick" and that help was being requested from the life forms there. There seems to be a glow around where Ben is standing.