Can we talk to our departed loved ones


"Death is swallowed up; victory is won! Oh death, where is thy victory? Oh death, where is thy sting?"
1 Corinthians 15:54-55


With these mind-blowing words, the Christian New Testament expresses the inexpressible in that faith: Death took one whom it thought to be a man (Jesus Christ dying on the cross), found Him to be God, and was destroyed.

With the exception of atheism and a few gutted modern churches that have virtually no beliefs left, all religions believe in some form of survival after death. And they express this in the way they understand God/the Gods, life and death. But what do they mean by "death" and what is the nature of "survival"? And is it the kind of survival that allows communication to take place between the living and dead?


After 35 years of paranormal investigation, I'm convinced that these are the wrong questions. And you can't get the right answers if you ask the wrong questions. They're the wrong questions because, the way the universe seems to be constructed (and the way I've experienced the paranormal over the years), there is no such thing as time (at least the way we understand it) and therefore no such thing as death. There is nothing but life -- everywhere and everywhen.


And if you look at the most primitive roots of religion, that's the understanding of the universe you'll find. Some religions even remember that a little: The Orthodox Christian Easter service, for example, has lines like: "Christ is risen, and not one dead remains in the grave!"
Still, we watch our loved ones pass away, sometimes with terrible suffering. We bury friends, neighbors and strangers. How can I say there is no death?


Because, according to the interpretation of modern physics that I see as the only explanation for the paranormal phenomena I've documented, the world we see around us is only one of billions -- perhaps an infinite number -- that are right next to us all the time. Like soap bubbles in a bathtub, these worlds push against one another, pass through one another, combine, and interact in all sorts of ways. That's how paranormal phenomena occur, and that's why nobody ever dies


And somehow, our remote ancestors knew it.


You, your loved ones and all of us are there -- in many, many of these worlds all the time -- body, mind, soul and spirit. These are not separate people from one world to another - you are one person across all the worlds. And you, your loved ones and all of us are always in union. Bodily death in one world or another means absolutely nothing. Your loved ones are not dead. Your relationships simply change.


That's why you often still feel them in the places and with the people they loved, and still love. They and you are always there in close parallel worlds that often occupy the same space. There are no "physical world" and "spirit world." There is just one world made up of many.
Can you communicate with them? Yes, but in a new way. In my experience, a quiet, peaceful mind (and meditation, if possible) is the door, and love is the key. If you love someone -- anywhere or anywhen -- you already are in union with them, and all you have to do is listen.
You don't need the "quick fixes" of storefront mediums and -- God forbid -- the dangerous practices of Ouija boards and seances. The best medium in the world is you!


All relationships take hard work, even in this wired and push-button world. That goes for your everyday family relationships and your ongoing relationships with those whose awareness has joined them in a parallel world.


If you are a praying person, here's a place to start: When you pray for your loved ones, pray for the living and the "dead" together, not separately. And include ALL your ancestors, most of whose names you won't even know. This can help them wherever or whenever they are, and it will begin to transform your whole understanding.


God seems to have created a universe multi-faceted and full of life beyond the greatest stretches of our puny imaginations. We all stand together across the worlds: loved ones, ancestors, friends, strangers. The only thing that can encompass it all is love.


It's time to get back to Reality. It's time to come home.


From the unreal lead us to the Real,
From darkness lead us to Light.
From death lead us to Immortality!
Vedic prayer from a Hindu funeral service

Copyright 2005 by Paul F. Eno. All rights reserved.