The Paranormal and Your Physical Health


Much has been made of the notion that psychiatric or neural illnesses can cause the illusion of paranormal experiences (or open the door to real ones). See the article on this website.


As far as I'm aware, no study has been made of what paranormal experiences, or what living in a paranormally active environment, can do to us physically. What are the physical health effects of exposure to paranormal phenomena?


Over the decades, I have personally experienced some of the more direct physical affects of the paranormal, such as being injured in the leg by a flying television set, and beaned on the head by a flying chair (not to mention several near misses) amid extreme cases of poltergeist activity.


But what about the indirect affects? We often hear about the possible physical consequences of "electro-pollution" - the contamination of our environment by ever-present electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices, from cellular telephones and microwave ovens to broadcast towers and radar arrays many miles away. While people can be pretty well shielded from electrical fields caused by, for example, home appliances, this isn't the case with magnetic fields. In nature, electrical fields produce magnetic fields and vice versa.


So what?


Well, it's generally agreed among paranormal investigators today that electromagnetic fields have some relation to paranormal manifestations. In my own research, I believe that they can affect space-time and form "portals" between parallel worlds, thus allowing what we call paranormal phenomena to take place. In fact, electromagnetism seems to "power" the paranormal just as it holds together the elements of the physical universe.


Problem: The evidence for the association of high-level magnetic fields and some forms of cancer, notably childhood leukemia, is convincing. I have on three occasions over the years worked on cases in paranormally active homes in which the child of the family suffered from leukemia.


There are health issues that go beyond simply living in a place that is a "crossroads of the multiverse," as it were. I'm speaking of situations where people are the victims of what the ancients called "life-sucking ghosts"; what I call parasites. On countless occasions in such cases, I have encountered parasite victims who had been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, clinical depression and more.

Just as mosquitoes can carry EEE or malaria, perhaps parasites that are native to other worlds can carry diseases also. Not a pleasant thought!


When astronauts returned from the first few moon voyages in the late 1960s and early 1970s, NASA quarantined them for days on the off-chance that they might have brought back alien bacteria that could start a horrible epidemic among a human population with no immunity to them.


But just think of the possibilities if our multiverse theory of the paranormal is true...if parallel worlds, most of them just as physical as ours, are interacting all the time, with "membranes" between them "thinning" as the electromagnetic anomalies associated with the period 2010-2016 occur.


So many new diseases and so many new forms of old diseases! When people of my vintage get together, we often comment that we never heard of this or that illness when we were kids. Why are these conditions proliferating now?


It will take someone more competent that I am to answer these questions. But somebody had better do so.


Copyright 2009 by Paul F. Eno. All rights reserved.