The 'Good World': The 2012-2016 Period


"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."
Albert Einstein



On May 16, 2011, Ben and I were guests on "Coast to Coast AM" with our friend George Noory. It was my fifth appearance on the show, and Ben's second. Since this is the most syndicated radio show in America, with an estimated 30 million listeners, it is the "holy grail" of media bookings for any author who writes about the paranormal. One's book sales inevitably spike. This time, however, book sales were the furthest thing from our minds. When George's producer called to ask if we would be available that evening, Ben and I had a decision to make.


It was a decision to take a step beyond what we had ever said on the air before, and a step beyond anything I had ever written for public consumption. It was a decision whether to discuss our conclusions about the 2012-2016 period -- and where we got the information.
Previous Eno appearances on Coast, judging from the feedback at least, excited quite a bit of interest because of our unusual, "multiverse" approach to the paranormal, especially ghosts.


From at least the late 1970s, I have believed that the multiverse idea (the concept that reality is a vast, elegant, open-ended interaction between multitudes of parallel worlds containing all possible variations on reality) can explain just about everything we call paranormal. Listeners also seemed interested in the spiritual, psycho-social, scientific, and even physical implications we draw from these multiverse ideas.


We had discussed publically -- on Coast and on our own radio show -- the actual consequences of applying our multiverse theories and methods to our own lives. We had even discussed individual people and other beings from parallel worlds we believe we have encountered in our paranormal adventures and even in our day-to-day "multiverse living."


Until May 16, however, we had never discussed publically the conclusions about our own future that we believe apply to the 2012-2016 period and that have resulted from such contacts.
We never discussed it publically because I've spent over 40 years establishing a reputation (I hope) for level-headedness, academic accomplishment and journalistic credibility in a field in which that's not so easy to do -- paranormal research. We never discussed it publically because we dreaded coming across like what we always criticize on the air: silly psychics, muddled mediums and armchair prophets predicting the end of the world.


Nevertheless, Ben and I decided that it was time to come clean. After all: "Only Nixon could go to China."*


While my son and I have slightly different interpretations of and approaches to all this, we believe that the 2012-2016 period will bring not only great upheaval -- natural and otherwise -- but great human suffering and death. We also believe that there is a means of physical escape for many, and that the place of escape is one or another parallel variations on what we call "the Good World."
Nuts, huh? So we thought at first. Before going any further, let me tell you what this is NOT.


This is not some private revelation from God. This information didn't come from "spirit guides," "enlightened masters," space aliens or alleged prophets. It's not the Evangelical Protestant invention known as "the Rapture" and "the Tribulation." While Mayan and myriad other prophecies about "the end of the world as we know it" in 2012 might contain approximations of this, I've always been rather ambivalent toward these prophecies, and it's not the origin of what we believe about the 2012-2016 period and the "Good World." This is not a call for people to become "survivalists." It's also not about a bunch of idiots committing suicide.


And, in case you're wondering, Ben and I do not do, and never have done, drugs. We don't need to.


For me, this saga began in 1991 with a terminally ill five-year old. I've often written and spoken about little Peter and how his family invited me to spend time with him because he was in communication with a grandfather who had passed long before he was born. That was just the beginning. I learned more from this amazing child -- and from two shamans I knew in the 1970s -- than from all the professors, scientists, doctors, clergy and spiritual directors I have ever come across. It took a long time for all the information to come together and to "dawn" on me, however. It also took my amazing son, Ben.


Back in 1991, Peter spoke not only about his grandfather and his loving support as the child began chemotherapy for the leukemia that was slowly killing him. Peter also spoke of the "high men" and the "low men" as two distinct parts of the human race. He spoke of the "good ones" and "bad ones" from "other places" and of how there would someday be a war between them that would involve us. He said not to be afraid because many of the "high men" would be able to escape to a "new place."


Peter so clarified my concept and experience of the multiverse that I began taking seriously what I had always doubted and even fought: the validity of the clear and concise communication that I would experience while working on paranormal cases. These communications were uninvited, and I always doubted their source and validity. They included "ghosts" who clearly communicated to me that they thought I and the people I was trying to help were ghosts haunting their house. I could feel their terror.



These communications, far too many to describe here, also have included encounters with non-human entities, such as the noble creature I met in a "haunted" attic in upstate New York in the early 1990s and with whom I spent six hours in conversation in an odd form of Latin. His energy came across as very bear-like, he was physically huge and stated that he was on a quest, passing through our world and many others in search of a place called Renthusia, or at least that's what it sounded like.


In other cases, I would encounter (and still do) a benign race of very tall humanoids who, unlike many other "neighbor" species of ours, are very aware of the parallel worlds and species around them, including us. So kind-hearted are they (Ben calls them "the Clerics" because they are quiet, humble and usually wear hoods) that they have actively worked with us against the parasitical entities that feed upon us and on many of our parallel species.


There are many more examples of this communication and interaction, which become completely normal (though it may seem far from normal) when one lives the multiverse life, experiencing that life and its many caring and good beings across many worlds. This is normality. What we usually think of as normal, day-to-day life is actually a denial of reality, a cowering in our corner of the multiverse in self-imposed narrowness and fear of the bright light outside it. Don't forget that in our day-to-day world, mass murder in the name of war is considered normal and even exalted; "musicians" who dress, act as, and make noises like deranged monsters are considered role models; parents destroy families; schools destroy knowledge; governments destroy freedoms; religions destroy faith....


What's so crazy about the Good World?


It was in those early years of quiet communication with many of these parallel species, whom little Peter would have called "good ones," that I began to "put two and two together" when it came to the 2012-2016 period. No-one said, "this is what will happen in 2012 or 2016." No-one said "the 'high people' will be able to escape through portals between parallel worlds that will be here, here and here...."


For me, these communications have taken place in dreams (increasingly so as I get older), in meditation and in plain waking life, usually during paranormal investigations but sometimes as I work in my study at home, walk in the woods or sit under the trees on our property.


It has amounted to a long conversation with a number of "neighbors" who have the same questions, fears and hopes as we do. It has also involved my contacts with the parasitical entities -- "the bad ones" as well. It has been the gradual discovery of a multiversal consensus that these "bad ones" are doing something in our multiversal "neighborhood" that they do every few hundred millennia. They destroy worlds.


What really clarified my thinking about these communications and what they meant was Ben's birth in 1992. My wife and I were 39 years old, had an 8 1/2 year-old son already, and it was a challenge to start again. But it soon became evident that (in the words of friends and total strangers alike), "there's something very special about Ben."


Almost from the moment he could talk, Ben regaled us with long stories of his lives in parallel worlds, including people and species he had met. As he grew older, I never mentioned a word to him about the multiverse. But he could tell me all about it. And by the time he was 13, he was working with me on cases. Not long after that, he was displaying remarkable shamanic gifts. Not only was he traveling and communicating in the multiverse, but he was drawing people -- helping them get off drugs and alcohol and teaching them to meditate and pray. He is now working with a full-blooded Aztec shaman who sometimes has trouble keeping up with him.


At the same time, Ben is a happy, normal, down-to-earth college student with excellent marks, lots of friends and a wonderful girlfriend. Our home is a spiritual fortress, and a very happy one.
In 2009, Ben and I (and a number of other people) began sharing dreams and, later, an actual awareness of living daily lives in a place I soon came to call "the Good World." It seems to be a whole parallel world of refuge, rest and instruction where parasites, for some reason, cannot come. Though there are buildings and even modes of transportation, the Good World corresponds to the description of "the Dreamtime" given to me by an aboriginal elder in 1979.


Everything can communicate, and there are many intelligent species living in solidarity. Colors are very deep. The place has many odd characteristics. One can see the sun rising and setting. But, while there is deep and ample light during the day, one cannot see the sun in the sky. The same is true with the moon. Most species, including humans, are able to defy gravity.


Every few months, an august figure with a very lion-like, feline energy, known simply as "the Emperor," comes for a meeting, which can last for weeks. He has a huge entourage with members from many species. Usually we meet in groups, but sometimes he meets with Ben or me together or individually. I remember more of all this than Ben does, but I never remember the specific content of these meetings. The clear message, however, is that we are supposed to help as many of the "high people" as possible to physically move to the Good World when the time comes, presumably to avoid some deadly attack on our world by the parasites. It's not that Ben and I are so special -- there are plenty of other people we don't even know who are supposed to do the same thing. But because of our media presence, perhaps our voices reach more people.


This threw me at first. If our lives are lived in a great unity across many worlds, as I believe they are, we are all in one or another parallel variation of the Good World anyway. So why would this aspect of ourselves have to be physically "evacuated" through some portal to a safer reality? While I don't remember the details, the answer came during another meeting in the Good World. It seems that there is a need to physically preserve as much of our species as possible. I'm not sure exactly why.


Then there are the others, many others, who have told us -- without us even having mentioned it -- that they have had dreams, both sleeping and waking, about a place that matches, point by point, the Good World. I have even had people describe places and meetings there at which I remember being present.


As I say, Ben is in the Good World too but, in most instances, he moves in different -- far more august -- multiversal circles than I do. Nevertheless, he has come to the same essential conclusions that I have.


Many of my longtime readers and our longtime listeners have expressed amazement that I, whom they have always considered a clear thinker and a skeptic about all "psychic" communications, could now be touting all this. Maybe they're right. Maybe I, who worked so many years with schizophrenics while a seminarian and graduate student, have succumbed myself, and taken my unfortunate son with me. Maybe I, who spent decades learning to separate truth from lies in the paranormal, have been duped. Maybe in my old age I've fallen under the spell of some basic human archetypes.


There comes a point, however, where one reaches the end of the book of rules; a point at which the questions and the doubts must end. If not, then what is the point of a lifetime of study and research, of probing realities that modern people have forgotten, and asking questions that our society cannot answer? What is the point of faith?
Ben and I believe that what is written here is true. As times passes, you must make your own judgment.


Many people apparently already have. Since our May 16 Coast appearance, we have been inundated with calls and e-mails from people who say that our message has resonated with them, that they too have experienced what we are experiencing, and that this is the first time they have had some assurance that they themselves aren't crazy. In less than a month since the broadcast, there have been nearly 2,000 e-mails alone, and only two have been negative. I find it hard to believe that every one of these people is crazy or the victim of wish-fulfillment. Maybe I'm wrong.


Many have asked where to go and what to do to prepare for this period. The fact is that we just don't know yet. I suspect that it's all going to be a question of multiverse awareness...that we don't have to "go" anywhere specific when the time comes. I suspect that it will all be very simple. Stay tuned on that.


If we're wrong, we're wrong. So what? But if we're right....

* "Only Nixon could go to China" is an expression in popular political parlance. It derives from the groundbreaking 1972 trip to "Red China" by then U.S. President Richard M. Nixon. Nixon was a conservative Republican who had spent his entire political life fighting communism in one way or another. His trip to China opened that nation to Western trade and influence. Had a liberal Democrat been president and gone to China, it would have seemed left-wing and trendy. Nixon's anti-communist credentials are considered to have given the trip special credibility and weight.

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